Chasity Sade (She/Her)

Program Manager/Lead Teacher

Chasity is a mother, naturalist, earth-tender, and mentor to youth.  Supporting worldwide revival of Indigenous culture, celebrating the beauty of diversity, embracing queerness, and  upholding social justice are all dear to her heart.  For the last three years, she has led nature immersion and exploration classes for children ages 2-13. Running wild in nature with kids is her bliss.

Sonia Gomez-Rubio (She/Her)

Assistant Manager/Lead Teacher

Sonia is a care-giving steward of the land and humans. She is a Mexican-American illustrator, painter, bead weaver, and embroidery artist. With an eye for details, Sonia brings much beauty to the spaces that she works as part of her offering to the team. When she is not dedicating her loving attention to her son, she can be found working on her artwork or connecting with nature.

Jocelyn was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She has explored and
learned about the ecosystem here all her life. A born naturalist and teacher she
pursued a career in Environmental Education and then earned a Master’s in Teaching
K-8 grades. Jocelyn or “Ms. Joy” as the kids call her also spent many years
working for Sunfield Farm and Waldorf School. She is also trained in Wilderness
First Aid and has an Early Childhood certification. Combining children and nature has been her lifelong passion.

incorporating emergent curriculum, honoring the unique talents of each child, using the wonder of nature and the age-old wisdoms of humanity as our guides

dig in the dirt, roll in the meadows, and revel in wildness in the company of friends

creating a grounded, heart-centered, and nurturing space for children to play, learn, and thrive together in an outdoor environment


Jocelyn Hanby (She/her)

"Ms. Joy"

Lead Teacher


Our teachers include mothers, gardeners, artists, and Earth-lovers who have a deep affinity for working with children. 

We draw upon various teaching philosophies including Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and Montessori to enhance our techniques in supporting child development. 

Heartberries is an all outdoors program for children ages 2-5 based at Shy Acre Farm in Port Townsend, Washington.  We seek to provide affordable care that is nature immersive, multi-cultural, cultivates the imagination, and encourages children's natural inclination towards kindness.


    The idea for Heartberry Playschool began in March 2020 at Shy Acre Farm in Qatay (Port Townsend, WA) when creators, Juri Jennings, Corinne Adams, Natalie Maitland, Adrianna Santiago, Celine Santiago, and Samantha Lorenz, saw a need in their community for affordable, safe, outdoor childcare during the pandemic.

    They worked together to create, test, and officially launch Heartberry PS in February 2022. With the support of grants, they were able to develop a model of childcare that was cooperatively led by parents who could initiate individual childcare pods. They decided to use the parent-cooperative model to keep down costs and avoid the timely and expensive process of developing a licensed preschool. The program was successful and served many families within the community.

    As the needs of the original families changed and their children aged out of the program, it became necessary to appoint new leadership to carry the school into the future.  The parents needed a group of teachers who could take the lead to provide a program that honored the original intentions of Heartberry Playschool, but also provided consistency from year to year as families came and went according to the needs of their children. This is how “Heartberry Playschool” became “Heartberries” and shifted from a parent cooperative into a teacher-led LLC.

     Heartberries seeks to blend the forest school model with the original idea of heart-centered, family-like, curiosity-led, all- outdoors, and affordable childcare. The parents’ ideas and inputs continue to be highly valued and are integral to the success of the school.

    Heartberries remains an unlicensed program and as such only operates for four hours per day. However, the teachers are working to comply with the Washington State laws for outdoor preschool licensing so that Heartberries can offer more to the community in the future.

    Heartberries LLC is owned by the non-profit organization "Earthee". The mission of Earthee is to support people in the practice of reviving the ancient ways of living in harmony with the Earth